Our Story

Ark Rebel was constructed to save the world of art. We believe that artists need a safe vessel to display their art, a place where they will be treated with respect and receive the commissions they deserve. Our Ark only has so much space and that’s why we have selected some of the top digital artists to be part of it.

We wanted to create an easy browsing experience for our clients. Nobody likes an overcrowded gallery with hundreds of thousands of designs where you get lost in the web of pages. This is why we select top artists to partner with Ark Rebel. 
We also believe that everyone should have art throughout their home and office. Studies have shown that art helps with brain development and improving mood while being a form of daily inspiration. Because we strongly believe that art should be available for everyone, we found a way to reduce our costs and pass those savings onto our customers so that you can benefit from the beauty of canvas artwork.

Because we are a global company with artists and customers scattered throughout the world, we are taking positive action on improving our global environment. After years of traveling the world, Ark Rebel co-founders have come to the conclusion that in order to improve the environment, companies need to take a stand against global problems. Global warming is one of the top problems of our time and we have taken on a mission to help reduce the impact. We are teaming up with you, the customer, and Trees for the Future to plant new trees where they are needed most. For every canvas purchased, we are planting 20 trees! These trees will help reduce our global C02 footprint and help reduce greenhouse gasses.