Why We Donate

We, just like you, are humans who live and breath on this earth. We are a young group of artists and entrepreneurs who have seen the huge increase in climate change, deforestation and plastic buildup in our oceans. 

In this day and age, it is impossible to turn a blind eye to our environment. We believe that companies and not just individuals can have a positive impact on mother nature. 

This is why we have teamed up with Trees for the Future to help repopulate our planet with young healthy trees.

For every single canvas purchased, we plant 20 trees...

Since global warming is greatly affected by C02 in our atmosphere, we feel that the best solution is reforestation. Did you know that the Amazon rainforest absorbs about 2.2 billion tons of C02 annually and that we’ve been cutting down tropical forests at a rate of 31,000 sq Miles every single year? 

That’s like clear-cutting a forest the size of South Carolina annually. 

Individuals like you can do a lot but without the support of companies like us, it’s becoming impossible to make a real impact. That’s why we’ve taken on the mission to help replant the world’s forests.

Trees for the Future is an organization that not only helps plant trees but also contributes to building forest gardens for impoverished families. 

Their mission is to plant 500 million trees while helping over 125,000 families. Forest gardens replenish the soil by capturing water, providing shade, and allowing crops to grow in areas that were no longer arable. 

We teamed up with Trees for the Future because they are supporting impoverished families and planting trees to help reduce our global carbon footprint. 

You join us on this mission with every canvas that you purchase. 

Congratulations on being part of the positive impact for our global community. We’re moving in the right direction!